Welcome to the home of the S4!

Glad you’ve made it to the home of the S4 – Schools Systems Security Server!

The S4 is more than just a proxy server or a content filtering system. It adds in a complete firewall solution; Intrusion Detection Systems (in development); usage + abuse reports; time, user, group + classroom based filtering; user helpdesk + knowledge base; and much more – all from a comfortable and easy manage, fully modular web-based interface.

It’s an ideal solution for schools that require their Internet connection to monitored, filtered and controlled, freeing up the time of network managers and technicians by letting the S4 handle the entire Internet + security aspect.

Being fully modular, it also allows members of staff to access certain parts of the S4, allowing particular websites to be blocked, groups of students to be filtered allowing only certain categories of sites to be available, etc.

The S4 is completely free, being based around freely available components and services running the Linux platform. The web-based interface is also available under the GNU GPL, meaning anyone is free to download, install, and adjust the code.

Please give it a go and keep involved with the community through this web portal, and let us know of any bugs or errors through the easy to use bug report tool. Choose an area for more information:

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