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Ted got picked me up at stupid o’clock this morning to be at Yute Air for 7.30a.m to fly out to Atmautluak with their new Open Directory server for deployment. They actually had us on the plane and in the

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Messed up travel plans, and ready to move

Weather holds called off my trips to Napaskiak and Nunapitchuk today. The Alaska Air jet circled Bethel for an hour before returning back to Anchorage – after an hour and a half delay before taking off and then 3 hours

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Home again

No problems with our flights back to the village, in fact we showed up at Yute Air for our charter and they pretty much took the bags right onto the plane and then got us in the air. Always amazes

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Over the weekend I got Kat to watch Trainspotting as it was on one of the movie channels, hence the (not very) inspired title 🙂 This past weekend we were completely weathered in with soft wet snow falling from Friday

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