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Winter boating

Didn’t get as many funny looks of “look at that silly gussack” as I was expecting when moving my boat last night: I’ve got it parked at Pat’s house and will put it up for sale next week once I’m

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Fishing huts along the river

A lot warmer walking along the river than the 5F (-15C) it’s meant to be 🙂

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No fish and no graphics

Yesterday afternoon Nick, Dana and I went fishing up to the Gallic River where the locals ‘apparently’ go fishing. I say ‘apparently’, as we saw no fishing holes and could barely keep on the trail up there as it’s not

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Finally some decent weather

This afternoon we had some pretty decent weather for a change – even though it was around 0F with windchill down to -25F, the sun was out and it wasn’t overcast or snowing 🙂 I wouldn’t say I’d given up

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Enjoying a break in the weather

The weather cleared a little today and it was pretty warm this afternoon at around 30F (-1C), so Mia and I headed out for a walk. By the river, some of the ice along the river bank had slowly melted

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