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A little Sunday drive…

This morning I got a fairly early start to round off a little bit of shopping, then headed down the Seward highway to Girdwood. This was the first time I’ve driven it in the winter time, and the area looks

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Last night

Well, last night of vacation here in England 🙁 Pretty much all packed and should be easily underweight, just hoping I can get checked through to Anchorage and avoid Continental charging me for a second piece of luggage out of

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Excited to head to England

The last few days have been busy at work, but I’ve already started drifting off to thinking of heading back to England now 😉 We had our TIA party yesterday lunchtime where the subject of ‘do I have my passport’

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School’s out

Kat + I got have got our flights booked up for heading into the Anchorage at the end of July for a couple of weeks with my parents 🙂 Pretty cool, just need to get a couple of git big

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Almost canoe time…

Don’t think my snowmobile is going anywhere in a hurry until November/December time now 🙁 Amazing how quickly things warmed up, as once a good amount of standing water started forming on the lakes, the snowmobiles continuing to ride through

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