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Developed 35mm slides of Anchorage weekend

Yesterday I developed a couple of rolls of 35mm film from when I’d been in Anchorage for the Iditarod weekend and started to scan them in to the computer. I’m working my way through processing them and figured I’d put

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Turnagain Arm drive photos

A few photos from my drive along Turnagain Arm last weekend whilst in Anchorage for the Iditarod weekend: The past two summers I’ve traveled along here quite a bit, but this was the first time I’ve seen it in the

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First few days of Alaska vacation

We’ve had a busy few days 🙂 Feels like we haven’t stopped moving, but we’ve seen so much no-one’s really complaining. First up, we went to the Alaska Native Heritage Center which showcased the five main native cultures of Alaska.

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