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Messed up travel plans, and ready to move

Weather holds called off my trips to Napaskiak and Nunapitchuk today. The Alaska Air jet circled Bethel for an hour before returning back to Anchorage – after an hour and a half delay before taking off and then 3 hours

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Home safely

Made it home to Bethel okay earlier with all my food making it along with me. Was glad I chose to get all my alcohol shipped back so I didn’t have to mess with mailing any dried foods back, so

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Extending Anchorage weekend

I got a bunch of mail today, partly as I hadn’t been to check my box in a few days 😉 I got some large format prints of a few photos, some of which I’m not happy with as the

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Late night arrival in Anchorage

Guess I got lucky with flights again, this evening’s jet was only the 2nd out of the last 11 scheduled flights between Anchorage and Bethel that has made it. Some people have been trying to fly for 2-3 days, and

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Home in Bethel

So if being at TGI Friday’s having dinner until like 12.30a.m last night was weird, it was matched only by having breakfast in a downtown cafe by 8a.m as neither Angie or could sleep. I was convinced after such a

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