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Oscarville + Napaskiak

It’s weird how much nicer it’s been the past week walking to work with the sun shining as opposed to it being pitch black until 10a.m! This was the sunrise right outside my apartment this morning: One of the lakes

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Slough sunrise

In comparison to most of my past weekends, this was weekend was busy as I worked right through it 🙁 What’s with that?! I thought it was a good idea to re-work our server room, which seemed like a bright

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Marshmallow, anyone?

This week I’m hoping AT&T get the new Gladys Jung elementary school hooked up to the fiber line so I can move our NAS backup server over there and do true off-site backups. It’s a little cold right now to

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Nice way to start the week

I flew into Bethel last night with Carl which was fun – he headed out of Tunt and towards the Kuskokwim looking for moose. Can’t hunt them in the area yet, but people like to keep a look out for

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