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Enjoying a break in the weather

The weather cleared a little today and it was pretty warm this afternoon at around 30F (-1C), so Mia and I headed out for a walk. By the river, some of the ice along the river bank had slowly melted

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Buried snowmobile

I cleared snow off the boardwalks so there’s at least some way to move to school tomorrow, though the wind will probably blow more snow over it by tomorrow morning as it’s still falling. We’ve had well over a foot

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Back comes the snow

After winds + rain took away a lot of the snow last week leaving the bare ice exposed, we got a bucketload of snow last night and though this afternoon. It was real blizzard conditions most of today, though sod’s

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Working on a Friday is bad craic

8a.m this morning I was called into work. Happy Friday. At least it was fairly warm at around 10F, though I was still knee deep in snow at times, and not much fun crawling around under houses installing the pex

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MacBook now running a 120Gb hard drive

Even though the post office here in Tunt has seemingly switched to it’s winter service by only opening on an afternoon (maybe after one morning last winter there was a sign on the door saying “Too cold, maybe open after

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