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Bethel safe + sound

Made it back to Bethel okay, though was not a good flight if you didn’t like flying. Was a little windy. Dan Walker was flying back from Anchorage too and gave me a ride back home which was great as

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All of us together in Anchorage

Mam + dad made it into Anchorage this afternoon amidst the rain 🙂 Tired, but glad to be here. Hopefully the weather will be a little better tomorrow for wandering around town. Mia got all her shots done at the

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Raincoats at the ready

I think it would be fair to say it’s been a tad wet the last few days… Hasn’t broke 50F, and hasn’t really stopped raining either! Nice weather if you’re a duck I guess 🙂 Really hoping things pick up

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Shoot to kill

The last two days I’ve been unloading food for the school from a cargo container up by the airport, hauling it back to school, and stacking it up in the food storage building. Was up over 70F yesterday, so I

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Snowgear? More like raingear…

Our Juneau kids seem to be enjoying themselves, having recovered from a long day of traveling out here on Sunday. When I picked them up at the airport they couldn’t believe how small their plane was and how scared they

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