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K300 Sponsors Race

After missing the K300 Spring 50 race yesterday with snowmobile ‘issues’, I at least made it to the Sponsors Race this evening as it’s 5 minutes away from my apartment. Casie asked me to help line out one of the

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Finished my first dog sled race…

As I was getting ready down to head down to the river for the first of the K300 Sunday Fun Runs, Casie called to make sure I was planning to go as was going to try and get a team

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K300 race weekend photos

A busy couple of days. The K300, Bogus Creek 150 and Akiak Dash all got started yesterday afternoon without problems, with the Akiak Dash finishing by around 8.30p.m and the Bogus Creek winners starting to come back at 8.30a.m this

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