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Buried snowmobile

I cleared snow off the boardwalks so there’s at least some way to move to school tomorrow, though the wind will probably blow more snow over it by tomorrow morning as it’s still falling. We’ve had well over a foot

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Safely back from Bethel

Riding the snowmobile to Bethel might be a damn sight cheaper than flying ($180 round-trip to fly compared to about $35 on gas for the snowmobile), but it sure as hell isn’t as comfy! I realised that when people in

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Snowmobiling with Mia

No, not with her sat on the back, though given the chance she’d probably try it! Since it was pretty nice weather this afternoon (‘only’ -8F), I thought I’d try the thumb warmer on the throttle before I needed it

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An obituary, perhaps…?

I went out on the snowmobile this afternoon and came back to an e-mail from Mike with a little Christmas poem: “The night before Xmas nothin was moving… Not even the speedo on Fouldsy’s snow bike…” How apt it is

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Should have stuck to me canoe…

After 3 weeks with no work, Frank asked me to go into school today to build some covers and boardwalk sections to protect the new oil lines that have been installed. With the snowmobiles moving around the school, he’s worried

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