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Great first day

All in all, a pretty good day 🙂 Work was interesting, but good fun. I got some office space sorted (I’ll be living in a cube!), and started looking over the current setup. The other guys there were real friendly

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Preparing for the next week

The last few days I’ve been brushing up on OS X server and some Windows Server 2003 training ready for next week. Trying to cover all bases depending on what systems I’ll actually be working with and getting back up

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New job, all being well!

Pending a reference check from Greencroft, today I was hired as the new system analyst managing application systems for the school district, scheduled to start next week 😀 It was a fairly informal interview, but a great opportunity to meet

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Playing with Boe-Bot

Robotics is something I’ve wanted to get into for years, pretty much since Robotwars appeared on TV and the idea of creating big machines with flames coming out the top that were designed to smash other machines sounded like fun

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Farewell, dear friend…

Clicking sounds from hard drives aren’t usually a good sign, especially when it’s accompanied by your screen freezing (which is very uncommon with OS X anyways) 🙁 Sure enough, rebooting the MacBook just flashed the question mark icon meaning it

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