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Developing K300 weekend photos

As part of my ongoing attempt to avoid studying for my VCP exam on Wednesday (actually, I’ve covered 8 of the 11 modules and have a 2-hour revision session via telephone tomorrow), I finished off the last few frames of

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We paid to get in, honest…

After being invited over for dinner, Erin + Angie wanted to go see Honey Barbara play at the Longhouse so Sadie + I tagged along. I was expecting to be over-dressed given I’d gone straight to their house after work,

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K300 race weekend photos

A busy couple of days. The K300, Bogus Creek 150 and Akiak Dash all got started yesterday afternoon without problems, with the Akiak Dash finishing by around 8.30p.m and the Bogus Creek winners starting to come back at 8.30a.m this

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Ready for the K300 start (finally!)

Last night there was a fiddle dance as a fund raiser for the K300 which was fun. Not quite a ceilidh, or the type of music I usually listen to, but don’t think I embarrassed myself too much by dancing!

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Crazy K300-weekend weather

I wandered up to the race HQ for the K300 to see how things were going and took in a couple of photos along the river along the way. The slough has a lot of standing water on it, so

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