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Weekend round-up from Anchorage

The last few days in Anchorage have been pretty good. On Saturday I met up with Tim to stay at his house in the Muldoon area. Was nice to have some company, know he enjoyed it too. We headed out

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Crazy K300-weekend weather

I wandered up to the race HQ for the K300 to see how things were going and took in a couple of photos along the river along the way. The slough has a lot of standing water on it, so

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Bethel safe + sound

Made it back to Bethel okay, though was not a good flight if you didn’t like flying. Was a little windy. Dan Walker was flying back from Anchorage too and gave me a ride back home which was great as

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May day

Well, the warm weather at the start of last week was just a teaser. It cooled down again the middle of the week and froze over, and then the last couple of days there’s been some gentle blowing snow most

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