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What a difference a year makes

Over the Labor Day weekend, Jeff and I headed way up the Gweek River camping. It was great fun, the weather on the Saturday was just awesome, well in to the 70F’s with clear blue skies. I have a few

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Big (ish) planes, exploding guns, and a wolf (?)…

This afternoon I took Marie + Pam to the airport as they’re heading into Anchorage for the 3-day Spring break at school. I told them if they forgot my Subways I wouldn’t pick them up on Sunday 🙂 But, I

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Not much hunting, but a good trip!

Today was a cold day for riding. Not sure where the weather stat got 0F from, it was easily -15F (-26C) when we were heading out! After delays in the other guys getting gas and hunting licences, we headed out

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Going caribou hunting

Frank called about 10 minutes to see if I wanted to go caribou hunting, so I’m getting stuff sorted to head out. No, I’m not expecting to take down a caribou with a .177 air rifle 😉 It’s more to

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Hunting & fishing licence

The locals should be starting to drill proper jigging holes downriver in the next couple of weeks, and chatting with Jason yesterday he’s looking forward to getting his snowmobile back from Bethel to go hunting too, so I figured I

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