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Settling in to new apartment

It’s been a long and tiring day, but I’m slowly getting sorted in my new apartment 🙂 Ted and Jeff rolled up around lunchtime, and Wendy and Jamie were also on call to help, except me being a bright spark

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Busy day

Today was a good day. I got to drive my old car again which was weirdly familiar, and had the lady at the bank tell me that I should have spent my US dollars whilst on holiday before coming home

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Long week

This has been a very long week. Thankfully it had been a 4-day weekend, although coming off a 10-day week before, that was certainly needed too! Working through til 1a.m and starting again at 7.30a.m wasn’t fun. Things were so

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Clean bill of health

I went for my physical today as part of being hired by LKSD. Seemed a little silly to pay $100 for a doctor to tell me my blood pressure was fine, breathing okay, and could do with losing some weight.

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