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No snowmobile rides this weekend…

The weather had warmed up a little in the middle of the week to right around 32-35F and brought sleet snow and freezing rain, so the rivers built up quite a bit of standing water in places. Kinda put an

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Long, cold days

It’s been a long week. Well, a long two or three weeks actually. And to make things better, I’m also working all this weekend reconfiguring the server room. It seriously needs doing. I’m very particular about how things need to

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Dr Jan Itor

It was around -29F (-33C) this morning and only got up to around -22F (-30C) this afternoon which was pretty damn cold! Frank called me in to school as the custodian was sick, his replacement hadn’t shown up yesterday, and

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Jack Frost playing tricks

Kat’s been busy the last couple of days making quaspecs. One is going to her mom and the other is going into Kat’s collection! I checked in earlier this afternoon and she’d got one finished and looking really nice, so

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