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Mia’s first birthday

Today is Mia’s first birthday and whilst Kat was in Bethel last week she picked up a squeaky hedgehog toy for her as a present. Don’t think Mia has a clue as to why she’s got a present, but she

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One depressed puppy

Ironically my snowmobile is stuck in Bethel due to snow 😀 ATS called yesterday afternoon to confirm they’d received it from NAC, and it was due to fly out today. We’ve had horrible wet snow falling all day though (and

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Starting to freeze over again

After it looking more like Spring outside with the warm weather clearing all the snow and making the lakes look like normal lakes again, the temperature started dropping late this afternoon and is a few degrees below freezing now. We

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MacBook now running a 120Gb hard drive

Even though the post office here in Tunt has seemingly switched to it’s winter service by only opening on an afternoon (maybe after one morning last winter there was a sign on the door saying “Too cold, maybe open after

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Goodies in the mail

One bag of Mia’s dog food arrived today thankfully, and she didn’t seem too bothered with switching back to dried dog food as opposed to the variety of our food she’s been getting recently. More importantly (depending on whether you’re

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