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Twix, anyone?

After Cheri` sent up a care package a couple of weeks ago, Mia has been trying to steal a candy bar. Kinda got her wish tonight: Happy as a pig in the proverbial…

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Off to Anchorage tomorrow

Kat + I are starting to get ready to head to Anchorage in the morning. Mam + dad are already in Manchester, spending the night there ready to fly out to Vancouver tomorrow, then up to Anchorage on Tuesday. The

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Circus dog

We’re thinking of taking the show on the road this summer: [ Javascript required to view QuickTime movie, please turn it on and refresh this page ] I’m blaming a touch of cabin fever…

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Snowmobiling with Mia

No, not with her sat on the back, though given the chance she’d probably try it! Since it was pretty nice weather this afternoon (‘only’ -8F), I thought I’d try the thumb warmer on the throttle before I needed it

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Snow gradually building up

We took Mia out for a walk yesterday afternoon since it was fairly warm (i.e. somewhere around freezing!), as she’s really enjoying things now most of the tundra is frozen and snow covered. Means she can pretty much run wherever

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