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Extending Anchorage weekend

I got a bunch of mail today, partly as I hadn’t been to check my box in a few days 😉 I got some large format prints of a few photos, some of which I’m not happy with as the

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K300 Sponsors Race

After missing the K300 Spring 50 race yesterday with snowmobile ‘issues’, I at least made it to the Sponsors Race this evening as it’s 5 minutes away from my apartment. Casie asked me to help line out one of the

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Another Friday 13th…

Last week was busy. I broke 60 hours by the time I got home around 7p.m Sunday. We had an engineer out with our VMware deployment which didn’t exactly go to plan due to networking issues outside of our control

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Off to London

The past weekend was pretty relaxing, taking some time to myself as well as meeting up with friends. I spent a good 3-4 hours along the Quayside in Newcastle late yesterday afternoon / early evening getting some good photographs, and

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Busy day

Today was a good day. I got to drive my old car again which was weirdly familiar, and had the lady at the bank tell me that I should have spent my US dollars whilst on holiday before coming home

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