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Cama’i photos

After a week to recover, some photos from Cama’i 🙂 The Tundra Drums has some awesome photos as well by Beth Skabar. I have a couple of rolls of 35mm still to develop, one of which was from down by

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A great Cama’i weekend

Insanely tired and sore, but Cama’i was an incredible experience. I still haven’t checked out any of the photos or videos I’ve taken over the past three days, and also ran through a couple of rolls of film today. Was

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Fun at Cama’i

Yesterday was the first day of Cama’i, and although it was exhausting, was also great fun! There was a right mix of dance groups, including Japanese dancers and break dancers. It was fun seeing a mix of different native dancers,

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Moving, and getting ready for Cama’i

Right after work at 5p.m I headed over to the high school to start setting up equipment for Cama’i, a three day festival of dance. The event starts tomorrow evening, so we had this evening and then through the day

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