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Boat ride to Oscarville

Last night, Erin started moving her gear up to Bethel for the summer. Since I have a spare room going to waste, I’m generously donating storage space rather than her paying for a crappy storage unit where everything will likely

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Nice end to the week

Over lunch I headed out to get utilities set up for my new apartment. Thankfully I’d been warned electric and water + sewer would require a fairly hefty deposit, and it turned out the electric company wanted $504 and City

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Weekend round-up from Anchorage

The last few days in Anchorage have been pretty good. On Saturday I met up with Tim to stay at his house in the Muldoon area. Was nice to have some company, know he enjoyed it too. We headed out

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What is it with Friday’s lately…?

My flight in to Anchorage last night was uneventful. Wasn’t busy at all, so we weren’t crammed in to the ‘departure lounge’ such that Bethel has, and then was quiet on the plane with plenty of free seats so no-one

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A little bit of shopping…

Prioritizing things, I was at Gold Rush Liquor waiting for them to open at 10a.m this morning 😀 In fairness, I wasn’t meaning to appear a desperate alcoholic – none of the stores around Dimond opened before 10 seemingly! Anyway,

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