I’m a big gamer, always have been. Started out with the Sinclair ZX and BBC Micro my dad used to tinker with, then onto game consoles starting with the NES when I was 7 or 8 years old. Mainly played PC games during high school and college as the online play was blast (literally!) with friends, and still have fond memories of 16-player Quake on the high school network after hours 😀

Current gaming setup

After entering the working world, I then moved onto a 28″ widescreen TV which took playing the PS2 and Xbox to the next level, then after moving to the US I picked up a 27″ LCD HDTV along with an Xbox 360 and never looked back. I’ve since added a PS3 and Wii to the gaming cabinet along with a DS Lite. I still have a pretty sweet flight sim setup on the PC with dual monitors, yoke and rudder pedals.

Flight simulator setup

There’s a fairly redudant gaming blog on Live! Spaces as I can’t be bothered to update it much though I do write some stuff now + again on the blog here about gaming, and here’s my gamer cards for various systems:

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