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Another big catch-up

It cannot be Memorial Day next weekend… The last 5-6 months have been a whirlwind. Starting a new job right before Christmas and having a 15-credit load at college didn’t leave much time for a great deal of downtime, yet

Our 1st wedding anniversary

Well, guess we made to our 1st anniversary 😀 Much like last year, there’s been awful snow storms leading up today too! But, our cake saved in the freezer from our reception last year stayed pretty good and is definately

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Kat got me polar bear (kinda!)

Not quite sure what had spurred it on, but Kat decided that she’d like to make a donation to the WWF (no, not the wrestling people!). I’d been joking for months that I wanted a polar bear so we figured

Not very friendly customer service

For anyone looking at getting married in the Lake Tahoe area, and given the number of wedding companies set up for the area it seems quite a lot, avoid using A Tahoe Wedding to Remember. We first got in touch

Photos of the wedding reception

Now that I’ve managed to rummage through some other people’s cameras, have got together a decent colletion of photos. Considering Kat and I had given our cameras to a couple of groups of kids, they ended up taking some decent