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Another Friday 13th…

Last week was busy. I broke 60 hours by the time I got home around 7p.m Sunday. We had an engineer out with our VMware deployment which didn’t exactly go to plan due to networking issues outside of our control

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Friday 13th strikes

Although this morning started out with a nice tax refund being deposited in to my account, Friday 13th hit, and hit hard. Aside from the school district’s bank not handling direct deposits overnight and so ending up without being paid

VCP in VI3

After hanging around for 45 minutes this morning whilst the ‘test center’ got ready (read – a corner in the college library, was not impressed), I finally got to sit the VCP exam and passed with a score of 83

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Developing K300 weekend photos

As part of my ongoing attempt to avoid studying for my VCP exam on Wednesday (actually, I’ve covered 8 of the 11 modules and have a 2-hour revision session via telephone tomorrow), I finished off the last few frames of

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VMWare course completed

VMWare training ended really well. Was nice the last day or two set up VMotion / DRS and try out HA, as with our single-ESX host test environment that just hasn’t been possible. I also found there’s a Vue testing

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