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Boe-Bot infrared eyes

The internet was off all weekend, made even more annoying by a) their customer service lines were also closed all weekend and b) it came back online first thing this morning meaning when they got into the office and saw

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Light sensitive navigation with the Boe-Bot

A little more difficult working with the photoresistors rather than the whiskers as there’s so many windows in this house, it’s very bright at the best of times 🙂 But, I played around making the Boe-Bot act like a scaredy-cat

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Tactile navigation with the Boe-Bot

This afternoon I worked through using ‘whiskers’ on my Boe-Bot so that it can detect when it’s touched an object and so backup and try again in a different direction: It was a little more interesting than the first few

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Playing with Boe-Bot

Robotics is something I’ve wanted to get into for years, pretty much since Robotwars appeared on TV and the idea of creating big machines with flames coming out the top that were designed to smash other machines sounded like fun

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