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Lots of people after Noel Gallagher stuff, eh?

Since this is pretty much just my personal blog, it doesn’t get all that much attention apart from some of the computing stuff I’ve written. So, was pretty surprised to see around 300-400 hits per day recently. Driving up to

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New album from Damien Rice

Following the excitement of live tracks from Noel Gallagher, the Q-Review podcast popped up in iTunes today kicking off with Damien Rice’s latest album, 9. I loved ‘O’ and ‘B-sides’ and play a lot of the tracks on the guitar,

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Noel Gallagher live on ‘The Interface’ podcast

Oasis still knock out some awesome tracks, and have long been one of my favourite bands. Noel Gallagher, especially, has been a major influence in my own guitar stuff. Live stuff from Noel is always top quality, and even though

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I’m now co-hosting TPN Rock!

Am I a happy boy today or what?! Those that can dredge the memories will remember I met up with Ewan Spence in Edinburgh at the end of June at The Des Moines Riot’s gig, and finally we can reveal

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Only a few more days…

For those that follow the Unsigned Rock Podcast, you’ll know there might just be something new + exciting happening next week. I’m certainly pretty excited about it as has been a while coming, but is shaping up to be really

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