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Open-Xchange problems with postgresql-jdbc

A little hiccup for a Monday. Not quite sure what went wrong, but in the middle of the morning our Open-Xchange server went belly up. No warning, no updates applied since the start of last week – just refused to

ClamAV + SpamAssassin with Amavisd/Postfix on Open-Xchange

With the our new Open-Xchange server ready to handle external e-mail once our service provider sets up the forwarding, it seemed like a good idea to set up virus scanning + spam filtering. As we’re not going to be handling

Open-Xchange on CentOS 4.2 Guide

Well, a few days of messing around (and some positively annoying head-scratching figuring out some problems) has finally resulted in Open-Xchange running quite happily, on CentOS 4.2. Yet another distro, I know. But, thanks to Mike for pointing me in

Not quite admitting defeat, but…

Open-Xchange on the Gentoo Sparc64 was just a nightmare! Along with taking an age to run through emerging each package, too many packages weren’t in ‘stable’ on the Sparc platform, and stepping back to Blackdown JDK rather than offical Sun-JDK

Not planned, but Open-Xchange on Debian

So, our SuSE Linux OpenExchange e-mail server has given up the ghost. The hard drive the base system is (or rather “was”…) installed to, has died. Not a problem, but with it being a Friday and no huge rush to