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Long week

This has been a very long week. Thankfully it had been a 4-day weekend, although coming off a 10-day week before, that was certainly needed too! Working through til 1a.m and starting again at 7.30a.m wasn’t fun. Things were so

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Fender CD-220SCE electro-acoustic guitar

Took a couple of weeks, but my new Fender CD-220SCE electro-acoustic guitar arrived (in one piece!) today 😀 Very happy, it plays just beautifully, though after not playing a guitar for two years I don’t think my fingertips will appreciate

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Fun Thanksgiving

Today was fun hanging out with Jeff + Angel for Thanksgiving. I ate way too much food which is apparently what you’re meant to do, and then brought even more back with me. Means I shouldn’t have to cook for

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Glad it’s the weekend

The last week was pretty busy as we had two guys out the office on leave which made for a lot of extra work being spread around. But, it was payday yesterday which made it worthwhile! Next week there’s an

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Good new music

As I’ve been doing quite a bit of coding with the new K300 website, it’s given me a chance to listen to some of the new albums I’ve got recently. ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ by Oasis is obviously fantastic, and