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Virtual Machine Manager for Xen

Although I’ve ran CentOS on servers in the past (Open-Xchange, for example), I’ve never used Fedora much myself. Still pay attention to what they’re up to with Fedora though, as although Red Hat may be a tad slow + immobile

New toy – Wacom Graphire 3 tablet

Picked up a Wacom Graphire 3 tablet yesterday which is a pretty cool piece of kit. Had quite a few of these running when working at Greencroft in the art department, and was impressed by them. With a new hush

MCSE’s at LinuxWorld Expo?

I was looking over some of the events taking place at LinuxWorld UK Expo at the end of October, and some of the workshops and seminars looked pretty cool. Don’t think I’ll head down as can’t exactly fob it off

Upgrade to Dapper Drake just get the stable Amarok 1.4?

With Amarok throwing a wobbler and crashing once a day or so, and knowing that it’s only a couple of weeks until Dapper Drake makes it to final, is it worth waiting until 1st June or run an upgrade now

Open-Xchange problems with postgresql-jdbc

A little hiccup for a Monday. Not quite sure what went wrong, but in the middle of the morning our Open-Xchange server went belly up. No warning, no updates applied since the start of last week – just refused to