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Everything seems to be coming together nicely now

Couple of fun things in the post today. Apple sent out their certificate for the Apple Certified Technical Co-Ordinator qualification having completed the OS X Server exam a month or so ago – it’s every bit as impressive as the

Wheeling + dealing in the financial market?

Still another week and a half until I head down to London for the interview at the US embassy, but with the way the exchange rate is, am very tempted to have a couple of thousand pounds changed to US

Well, that’s that then…

After little more than an offer of anti-inflamatories and codeine, Japan’s off. Wasn’t expecting much more from the doctor as to be fair, there wasn’t much more he could do. Having done a good hour or so walking around today,

Digging Deep

Some people are dreamers and some people are do-ers. I’ve got a tattoo on my right arm that in Chinese reads “With determination and purpose anything can be achieved” (and yes, I had a good friend check the translation beforehand

Foot 1 – Guitar 0 (just…)

With all my music gear now despatched or collected after the eBay auctions, all I’m left with is my acoustic guitar. Last night, managed to drop it onto the bridge of my foot rather than placing it back on the