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Nike+ iPod test run (gettit?)

With a break in the weather yesterday afternoon, I went for a wander to try out the Nike+ iPod Nano gear. I was taking the iPod anyways with going for a walk, and thought it would be cool to give

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Nike+ iPod Nano goodness

As I head out and do quite a lot walking and stuff, thought it would be cool to play around with the Nike+ gear for the iPod Nano. The idea is a little sensor sits in your shoe, effectively acting

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iPod Nano – 1 week on

Well, have gone a whole week of bouncing the iPod Nano in + out of my shirt pocket and rolling it around on the passenger seat of the car and still no scratches (or cracked screen!) 🙂 Once the battery

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Shiny new toy – iPod Nano

I’ve finally accepted the fact that I may as well give into the marketing crap and get an iPod Nano. As much as I love my Archos AV500, it won’t exactly slip into my shirt pocket and all I’m using

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