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Warming up

On Monday evening I uploaded the first of some files I’ve been working on with flight sim to a couple of the major flight sim sites that provide file libraries to collect resources like that together. The first was a

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Retirement from ice fishing…

On Saturday morning, Carl McIntyre called to let me know he was going jigging way up on the Johnston River if I wanted to join him. Sounded like fun, and although the day was a little overcast, it was around

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No fish and no graphics

Yesterday afternoon Nick, Dana and I went fishing up to the Gallic River where the locals ‘apparently’ go fishing. I say ‘apparently’, as we saw no fishing holes and could barely keep on the trail up there as it’s not

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Project 365 – Day 69 – March 9th ’08

Running a couple of fishing holes down river this afternoon. Pretty warm (25F) but a strong, cold wind. Didn’t catch anything, but was glad just to be outside for an hour or two.

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Snowgear? More like raingear…

Our Juneau kids seem to be enjoying themselves, having recovered from a long day of traveling out here on Sunday. When I picked them up at the airport they couldn’t believe how small their plane was and how scared they

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