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Googlebot destroys website

Found this pretty funny. I guess the site owners didn’t find too clever, but then I’d like to know what CMS they’re using that didn’t provide even basic authentication checks and would allow something like Googlebot run through and remove

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Confessions of a Network Manager

I’m a fan of the Bastard Operator from Hell stories, but have come across Confessions of a Network Manager which looks very cool! Has only been going for a couple of weeks or so (though the feedburner archives seem messed

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History of Ctrl-Alt-Del video

Bill Gates did not seem impressed at all, but here’s a nice video clip explaining the history of Ctrl-Alt-Deland how it came about 🙂 Found this via livelocker, a pretty cool new media aggregation site which is worth checking out.

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Learn a few Chinese words

I’ve been listening to a few podcasts recently to learn some Japanese, but thanks to Lorraine, we can now learn a little Chinese too: That’s not right Sum Ting Wong Are you harbouring a fugitive Hu Yu Hai Ding See

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Office rumours

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