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The mad scientist look…

I decided my glasses were boring after seeing a pair Andrea was walking around with: Spiffy, but don’t clear up my vision quite as well. Just another Monday morning in the office…

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Karaoke and helpdesk goodness (not at the same time though…)

Friday night Aoody + Suzi set up a karaoke night, which sounded like a good idea at the time 😉 We had a really good time, and definately needed to unwind a little after what had been more than a

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Playing on the river videos

No apologies for how long this page may end up taking to load with half a dozen videos! I’ve only got a 64k upload connection so I bet it took longer for me to upload them than for you to

Good job I ain’t superstitious…

Bugger, just realised after that last post was published it’s Friday 13th! Tempting fate to move domain, web + e-mail server today? Hope not 🙂

My kinda logic here

I’d go along with that – probably more reliable than the BBC weather forecast!