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Looks like success (finally!) with syn’cing RSS feeds

After some advice from Frank (Osterfeld?) with regards to Akregator, I updated my system to KDE 3.5.2 yesterday to iron some problems I was having, atlhough I’ve been meaning to update KDE anyway. With Gregarius seemingly working quite happily, I

Further tinkering with Gregarius

After catching the attention of Marco Bonetti, one of the Gregarius developers, I’ve been playing with Gregarius a little bit more over the last few days. Seems like the slow updating of feeds is a known issue, and it was

A few days of sync’ing Gregarius with Thunderbird

It’s been a few days of running Gregarius and although I had quite high hopes, the integration with Thunderbird just hasn’t worked 🙁 Looking at it from a web-based point of view, it’s worked quite well after a few tweaks

Gregarius in action

So far so good. After a couple of little niggly issues and adjusting a few settings, everything’s running very smoothly from the web-based side of things. Final test is of course going to be checking that Thunderbird correctly handles the

Playing with Gregarius (late at night!)

It’s getting late and I’ve been out most of the evening, so haven’t had much of a chance to play with an idea that’s been in my head for a few days… There’s been a lot of talk recently about