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Virtual start to Sunderland’s new season

Hopefully tomorrow’s opening kickoff of the 2008-2009 Premiership season will be as entertaining as my virtual game in Fifa ’08 on the Xbox 360 this evening – final score was Sunderland 4 – Liverpool 1 😀 Somehow, I think it’s

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May day

Well, the warm weather at the start of last week was just a teaser. It cooled down again the middle of the week and froze over, and then the last couple of days there’s been some gentle blowing snow most

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No fish and no graphics

Yesterday afternoon Nick, Dana and I went fishing up to the Gallic River where the locals ‘apparently’ go fishing. I say ‘apparently’, as we saw no fishing holes and could barely keep on the trail up there as it’s not

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Goodies in the mail

One bag of Mia’s dog food arrived today thankfully, and she didn’t seem too bothered with switching back to dried dog food as opposed to the variety of our food she’s been getting recently. More importantly (depending on whether you’re

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How many video game consoles can you squeeze into an igloo…?

A couple of months ago whilst continuing my quest to read the Internet at least once, I came across various forums and articles on ‘freebie’ sites. To be honest, it all sounded well dodgy – you complete a trial offer