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Not a bad return so far

Fairly happy with they eBay auctions that finished this afternoon. Made £280 across them, which isn’t bad considering I was optimistically hoping for £300 total, and would have accepted £250. The PS2 only managed £70, a lot less than I

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Water cooling setup (and more!) also on eBay

I’ll get bored with eBay soon, or pissed off with the final prices! Doesn’t bring as much as it should selling on eBay, but figured the longer I have stuff sat around, the less I’ll probably end up getting. The

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Nice pile of ICE ready to go!

Considering it took the best part of two days when installing all the car audio equipment, it took about half an hour to pull it all out! With all the gear up for sale on eBay (go check the auctions

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More eBay goodness – some excellent car audio equipment!

Decided to take out the frustration of conflicting info from Insure&Go and flog some more gear on eBay. First two people were having none of making a claim for cancellation of the Japan trip as technically I wasn’t declared unfit

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eBay pains and ParcelForce annoyances

So, the eBay auctions ended. Didn’t fetch quite as much as I was hoping for on the Ibanez bass guitar and the Marshall amp, but kinda balances out as the Yamaha Pacifica electric went a lot higher than expected, and

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