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links for 2006-04-16

Using OpenLDAP on Debian (tags: linux networking ldap debian guides) OpenLDAP, OpenSSL, SASL and KerberosV HOWTO (tags: linux networking ldap debian guides) LDAPv3 HOWTO on Debian (tags: linux networking ldap debian guides)

links for 2006-04-11

Convert WMA to MP3 (tags: audio linux hacks) Install and configure lm-sensors – Ubuntu Forums (tags: ubuntu linux computing) Building amaroK from SVN source – Ubuntu Forums (tags: ubuntu linux audio) Multimedia keyboard support under Linux (tags: linux computing)

links for 2006-04-06

50 Great Summertime Projects for Mac mini (tags: apple computing) Building packages for Kubuntu (tags: linux ubuntu)

links for 2006-04-04

5 Tips for Organizing Your CSS (tags: css internet scripting) Mac OS X Hacking Tools (tags: apple computing) Ubuntu Active Directory howto (tags: linux ubuntu networking guide samba) Xen and Gentoo howto (tags: gentoo linux networking guides)

links for 2006-04-01

Apache2 with PHP5 And PHP4 at same time on Ubuntu (tags: ubuntu linux networking guides)