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links for 2006-05-11

How to test your Linux firewall (tags: linux guide security networking) the six minute project (tags: internet photos) Unsigned Rock Podcast The best of unsigned rock from around the world including audio comments from the bands, interviews, gig reviews, etc.

links for 2006-05-06

‘You’ve got to find what you love,’ Jobs says (tags: apple speech motivation) Dynamic applications with PHP and DHTML (tags: ajax scripting internet)

links for 2006-04-29

Ubuntu Wiki – Nvidia TVOut (tags: ubuntu linux computing) Turn your world LDAP-tastic (tags: linux ldap networking guides samba) Pre-compiled Linux distros for Xen virtual machines (tags: linux xen networking computing slackware debian centos fedora gentoo)

links for 2006-04-26

Ardour Tutorial (tags: audio guides linux) Latest Fluxbox from source on Ubuntu (tags: ubuntu linux fluxbox) Ubuntu Wiki – Fluxbox (tags: ubuntu linux fluxbox) blogwaffe » AJAX Comment Preview (tags: ajax wordpress blogging)

links for 2006-04-20

Ruby on Rails: An extensive roundup of resources (tags: ajax ruby programming internet) Paddywagon Tours of Ireland (tags: travel) Shaggy Sheep – Tours of Wales (tags: travel)