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Feeling all artistic!

Well, I’ve been playing around quite a bit the last day or two. As I’d pulled down an update to The Gimp (no jokes please – check the website if you don’t know what it is!), I wanted a chance

Fun with Google Maps + Google Earth!

I knew setting up Coppermine to run my photo gallery would lead to tinkering, and browsing through the Coppermine forums brought me to a rather interesting hack – integrating your photos with Google Maps and Google Earth. It’s fairly straightforward

Grabbing Coppermine stats

With the photo gallery up and running, I was after a way of grabbing basic stats from Coppermine and integrating this alongside the blog stats. Coppermine has some quite nice stats built into, and I was keen to simply get

Coppermine image gallery

I’ve pretty much got Coppermine image gallery working now, and have shuffled across most of the photos from the old galleries. Annoyingly, I’d looked at Coppermine about a year ago, but didn’t think I’d need something quite as complex and