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New job and car

Right in time for Christmas, I started work as a technology support specialist at St Louis University High today 🙂 I was officially offered the job last Monday and spent a couple of afternoon’s at the end of the week

Well, catch-up time again…

So, it’s nearly August, and we’ve been in St Louis for a month. Quite a bit has gone on I guess… We finished off our time in Bethel and then spent a week traveling around south central Alaska with one

Keep on truckin’…

Given the difficulties of towing a boat with a bicycle, I decided I needed something a little more useful: It’s ’92 Chevy S-10 4.3l V6 4wd pickup which for a Bethel truck is in a pretty good condition 🙂 Will

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Look who’s spat his dummy out again…

I know Fernando Alonso often complains he’s quoted out of context, but on the issue of the racism shown towards Lewis Hamilton during testing in Spain he responded with (BBC Sport): “It was an isolated incident and the FIA or

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Fun with our rental car – a Toyota Prius hybrid

Having the rental car buggered up last night turned out pretty well as when we arrived at the airport this morning to pick up a little compact from Alamo, the lady suggested if it was the best fuel economy we