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Arduino tweeting back and forth via USB

Following on from last night writing up how to get the Arduino to tweet via USB using a Python script running on the local computer that monitors the serial port to act as a gateway to twitter, I explored python-twitter

a’twittering Arduino without an Ethernet shield

The Arduino Ethernet shield is pretty awesome and can, for example, allow a mini webserver to run off the board displaying sensor data. Although not outrageously expensive, at $45, it’s still $15 more than an Arduino Uno itself. There does

Arduino RTC timer sketch

Something somewhat useful, and the main reason I started playing the the DS1307 real time clock, was to be able to accurately control events based on the current time. In the same way you can get a simple plug-in timer

Ardunio RTC, temp sensor, and LCD

I figured that if I was going to end up building some kind of aquarium controller / monitoring system based around the Arduino, I’d need a way of keeping track of time. Either to automate certain events like turning lights

Playing with Ardunio

With college classes done for the summer, I’ve gotten back in tinkering with electronics a little. I had trouble with my Basic Stamp 2 after bouncing around Alaska and being boxed up for a couple of years, so I decided