Year: 2010

More Iditarod ceremonial start photographs

I finished processing photographs from the Saturday ceremonial start of the Iditarod out of Anchorage. I’ve got hundreds from the Saturday and Sunday – to view a selection uploaded so far, check this Iditarod 2010 set on flickr. Here’s Mitch

Photographs from Iditarod 2010

I’ve slowly been making a start on the Iditarod photos from Saturday + Sunday. There’s a whole bunch in this flickr set with more to come. I just love the character in the dogs, such as this guy: As they

Iditarod 2010

We’ve just got back in to Bethel after our weekend in Anchorage for the Iditarod. It was a great weekend, though tiring! For the ceremonial start on Saturday we were in the woods around University Lake which was very quiet

Heading in for the Iditarod

Bethany and I are heading to Anchorage this evening for the start of the 2010 Iditarod. Very excited! It was great seeing the Iditarod start last year out of downtown Anchorage, though going to be a little further out around

Whirlwind recap

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