Cama’i 2010

It seems like the Cama’i festival came and went in a blur! We started out by getting together on Wednesday evening for dinner at Tim’s house and then the show set-up started on Thursday evening until 1a.m or so, but then Friday night’s opening show came round and the dancing started and suddenly it was midnight on Sunday and we had everything packed away! It was great fun though, it was nice having experienced it all last year so I kinda knew what was going on with sound + lights, and we extended it to run up to 4 video cameras which really made things fun. Plus, Marty came back again from last year so we all kinda knew each other and could cause trouble without too much hassle!

I made sure I got to photograph some of the dancers though, one of the advantages I guess is seeing which groups are really cool when they first perform so I could get down by the stage to photograph them later on in the weekend 🙂 These are some from the first batch I processed last night, starting out with the amazing Mary Ann Sundown of Scammon Bay:

Mary Ann Sundown

Well dressed dancers from Marshall, including the elder sitting at the front (of which I have some more close-ups to come):

Marshall Dancers

I checked out St Mary’s a couple of times as they were quite lively. This is an overview of how we had the stage, lights and video projectors set up:

St Mary's Dancers

And bear in mind, this is a pretty big high-school gym where a district-wide basketball tournament was held a couple of weeks ago!

St Marys's

Tomodachi Diako Taiko Drummers were really impressive, a group of Japanese immersion students out of Anchorage:

Tomodachi Diako Taiko Drummers

One of their leaders was very friendly as we hooked up a wireless mic for him, and his flute playing was awesome:

Tomodachi Diako

And here’s one of Marty starting to look a little tired by 8pm on Sunday evening:


Overall, it was a great festival, and as with last year, I really enjoyed being part of the sound + light crew and being able to help put on such an awesome show. Pat is retiring next summer and leaving Bethel, so Cama’i 2011 will be his last show after doing it for 25 or so years. He’s already trying to convince me to fly back up for it!


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