More Iditarod ceremonial start photographs

I finished processing photographs from the Saturday ceremonial start of the Iditarod out of Anchorage. I’ve got hundreds from the Saturday and Sunday – to view a selection uploaded so far, check this Iditarod 2010 set on flickr.

Here’s Mitch Seavey, two-time K300 champion taking a corner weaving through University Lake:

Mitch Seavey

With the trail fairly narrow, mushers often ended up close together and with no way of passing. Here, Dallas Seavey, son of Mitch, pulled over to let Sonny Lindner pass. As the teams aren’t racing, I guess Dallas was just wanting to enjoy himself and take his time:

Dallas Seavey and Sonny Lindner

Aliy Zirkle, along with her trailing-sled rider also enjoying herself:

Aliy Zirkle

Rookie Dan Kaduce:

Dan Kaduce

A good looking and happy team of Tom Thurston:

Tom Thurston

I’ll finish off processing the photographs from Sunday’s official restart in Willow over the next few days. To check out more of what’s online so far, head over to this Iditarod 2010 set on flickr


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