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For a while I’ve been thinking of doing some college classes through University of Alaska, as resident tuition rates are very affordable, and they’re also well set up for delivering classes via distance learning. I’m not sure what will transfer over from my studies at Gateshead College, but I’m looking at more of a rounded education rather than focusing on a specific field such as computing as before. The great thing about the college system over here is that you can study a bunch of general education requirements that all work towards pretty much any degree. A Bachelors of Liberal Arts is probably the final goal, so we’ll see how things go.

This fall semester I’m taking two classes, both of which are a little different, but that’s the whole point. Classes are ‘Intro to Oceanography (OCN101)’ and ‘Intro to Political Science (GOVT102)’ through the Ketchikan campus of University of Alaska Southeast (UAS). I have a 3 hour class each Monday afternoon for Oceanography and a 1 1/2 class each Wednesday afternoon for Political Science, and work has been accommodating shuffling around the couple of hours in early finishes to be made up elsewhere in order to support it. I guess it’s all in their best interest anyways. The rest of the class is self study at home, which works great for me and is how they run mso of the distance courses. Will see how the course load goes with two classes per semester like this, and hopefully register a little more in advance for spring classes, as Cultural Anthropology which I initially tried to register for was already full.

Fun times, and I’m quite excited to be doing something other than computing. I guess the hardest part has been actually doing something about it – applying, getting registered, etc., as is so easy to just do nothing and get by with things as they are.


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