Boating and camping

Saturday morning I got things ready to put my boat on the water 😀 I was a little nervous, especially trying to lower it down the ramp with the truck given I’ve never reversed a vehicle trailer before, let alone in a long pick-up and with it being boat trailer! But, Jeff guided me in and the boat engine fired up and we started heading out:

My boat

Yesterday I moved the seats round in the boat, as is more natural for driving from the opposite side. Hopefully is a little easier driving like that. But, the engine itself ran just great, a lot better than I was expecting, very little vibration so the prop is good, and was okay on gas too. A little loud with it being a 2-stroke, but not uncomfortably so. Overall, very happy with it!

We then swapped out boats and headed way up the Kwethluk River with Jeff and the dogs to go camping. The weather was just great, and with a little breeze, very few bugs either. After a little battle with the fishies, I finally landed a pike which went straight on the grill 🙂 Tasted great:

Grilling pike

Our camp site was in a really nice spot, on a little beach and getting enough sun whilst still staying fairly cool:

Kwethluk camp

My tent was a bit small for the dogs as well, though just fine for Jeff + I, so we will need something a little bigger to have those guys getting a more comfortable night away from the bugs. But, overall, was a good shakedown trip to figure things out for next time now we know what we gear have that works and doesn’t (and not to leave stuff in the boat unless you want it covered in dew in the morning!). Am tired today, but good fun!


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