Falling in love, and another front page photograph

I am starting to really love my Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens 😉 Does take some getting used to as especially at low f-stops, the auto focus just can’t quite pick out when I’m wanting to do. Auto is for whimps anyways, right?! This was scrambling around some old machinery on my way to Jeff’s last night:

Abandoned machinery

And we may not have KFC in Bethel, however there was a QFC at one point:


But, the important thing was getting another front page photograph on the Tundra Drums of my shot of Joseph repairing his salmon nets:

Tundra Drums front page

Very happy 😀 I have a few extra photos on flickr I got from Friday night which were fun. Tonight I had some friends over for poker which then moved on to Rock Band which was great fun too!


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