SAN replication and MacBook updates

On Monday I implemented some routing and switching changes with the help of AT&T and our awesome network support guys from Integrated Logic. This finally let our iSCSI traffic for our Equallogic SAN units talk to each other between the district office and our off site location, Gladys Jung, across a 100Mb fiber line. To say I was a happy monkey upon seeing the LUN replications firing up is an understatement! Tomorrow I plan on bringing one of the LUN’s online, connecting to the DR VMware ESX host and seeing if I can actually bring the virtual machine online. At that stage, I will definately be beyond happy. We started planning our VMware infrastructure at the end of September, and has been a long project to get to the finish line, but totally worth it in terms of the set up we are now running, especially for the middle of no-where Alaska!

Today I bought the bullet and plumped for OS X and iLife updates, taking my MacBook from OS X 10.4 to 10.5 and iLife ’06 to ’09. Was literally 3 years ago last week I got the little guy, and I have to say, after a 2Gb RAM upgrade pretty much right away for under $80 and then a hard drive replacement, also around $80, after 18 months of abuse (literally – more than a dozen major airline flights, bush airlines, and 2 month road trip!), it’s been flawless and still powers everything I need without leaving me wanting. It’s probably the most impressive piece of computer equipment I’ve ever bought (I would say electronics in general, bit I do love my Canon EOS 50D!). Given I’ve seen hundreds of new machines passing through the office and workshops this past week for imaging and inventory, I know what the current crop of MacBooks run at, and for general day to use, this 3 year old baby is holding it’s own still!


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